Saddam's capture will move the market, but I'm shorting

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  1. Saddam's capture will squeeze the shorts and force them to panic-cover tommorow, but the rally will be NOTHING like the potential rally that could be had on an Osama Bin Laden capture.

    Bin Laden is the more important threat to the US, and the world, whereas we now come to find that Saddam was no longer a threat of any kind (ie, not the mastermind behind the recent insurgence in Iraq)....

    Anyhow, the point is, I expect tommorow's rally to be short lived, whereas I would be genuinely scared of shorting an Osama Bin Laden capture-rally. I'll be playing tommorow from the short side at the open, go long after the first sell-off etc...but by the end of the day I want to be short something for a swing-trade.

    PS --- I'm thrilled to have no short positions over the weekend, as I covered them at the begining of last week on the -40 Nasdaq selloff....
  2. I am sorry for you. Hope there is a chance you can get out of your losing positions.
    There always will be chances. The question is whether you want to and are able to seize it or not.

    God bless you.

  3. This is exactly the type of arrogant reply that I like to hear before I initiate a short position. I hope you and yours bid the nasdaq up 100 points before it opens, or 200!
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    These can easily make tomorrow a down day. It's nice to see the market open up 100+ just to watch it slowly sell off all day.
  5. Heard on the news: Some narrowminded analyst who said; "the capture is good for world economy".

    Amazing that one person who hides in a hole can effect peoples will to consume.
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    It's about the psychology of killing the devil - what's good for <i>good</i> is good for the economy.:)
  7. I think the effects on events like this one are overestimated. The effect on the markets will last a couple of hours or a day. Even after 9/11 it was difficult to tell which market movements were caused by the attacks and which ones would have happened anyway.

    The car bomb explosions in Irak since the capturing of SH show that his capturing hasn't changed things. I can't imagine that he was a major guerilla leader considering his condition when he was captured.
    There are a lot more warlords and that need to be captured before there will be peace in Irak.
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    The carbomb that killed 17 was set off BEFORE the capture was announced or known by the locals.

    Why is it that people now say this was no big deal because of the condition in which he was found? Just because he resembles a homeless guy and was living in a cab with a cooler full of cash does not detract from his past deeds. His very existance is reason enough for many to continue their fight. Market reaction aside, I am very surprised to hear from people around here that this capture "doesn't mean much".
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    KTM it is the reverse of what u didnt mean much to the administration when they couldnt find him, but now that they did it means the world......I have no idea whether it does or doesnt mean anything, i for one im very happy they captured him..... but I dont think that he has any effect of what happens to Iraq going forward or that we are any closer to anything....peace
  10. shorting? Up 2 u. Just a thought!
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