saddamn being hung within 48 hrs

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  1. seems surreal...

    why does this seem like pouring gasoline on the fire?

  2. How do you know that?
  3. its all over the news...
  4. may need to be done quickly before major uprising/insurgent resurgence, in case key cities lost.
  5. After the First Gulf War, Bush Senior saw nothing wrong with letting Hussein remain in power. There was no demand to have him executed back then.

    According to International Law, Saddam was allowed to continue as president of Iraq as long as he obeyed sanctions against his country. As it turned out, he was obeying all the sanctions against him to the letter.

    The only reason we won't allow him to resume control of his country is that this would be a colossal embarrassment for the Bush regime and the neocons to admit that the war was wrong and we were the ones breaking International Law this time, not Saddam.

    Saddam was sentenced to death for killing over a hundred people in a village which rebelled against him. How many Iraqis have died since George Bush started this illegal war? (Answer: 655,000.)
  6. man


    good points.
  7. This is a lesson to other oil producing nations. When america tells you to stop pumping oil so the price can run up, you'd better be listening. Sudan and Iran are next in line to have their oil pumping shut down. Look forward to more "internal strife" in these two countries in the coming year.
  8. Put his head on a stick and carry it through the streets of Iraq...:p
  9. Answer seems a way bit too high. Nice try...:p
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