Saddam Talks

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    and here's an interesting view...

    Here's what's really happening: Saddam agreed to be captured. The U.S. is gonna make Saddam lie and say he had weapons of mass destruction.

    This will rectify all the criticism that's been put on the administration for not finding the WMD's. Saddam might even say he was working with Bin Laden or planning an attack.

    Then, they'll exile Saddam into Syria or somewhere like that (returning the favor). This will get Bush re-elected, justify the war, and encourage more imperialism to wipe out "terror." This means, the draft is near as well.

  2. You won't see an American anywhere near Saddam's trial.
    The U.S. will purposely make it look like only Iraqis are running the entire trial process. Within 2 years, Saddam will be sentenced to death, and promptly executed by Iraqis.
    No exile in Syria. Never gonna happen.

    However, as far as the draft...

    "Yeh you laugh til your motherfuckin' ass gets drafted
    When you're in bed here thinkin' the draft can't happen
    'Til you fuck around get an anthrax napkin
    Inside a package wrapped in saran wrap wrappin'
    Open the plastic, and then you stand back gaspin'
    Fuckin' assassins hijackin' anthrax crashin'
    All this terror, America demands action!
    Next thing you know, you've got uncle sam's ass askin'
    To join our army, or what you do for their navy
    You just a baby, gettin' recruited at 18
    You're on a plane now eatin' they food and they baked beans
    I'm 28, they gonna take you 'fore they take me"