Saddam Stocks to Play next week....

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  1. Try to limit this thread to the topic please. I would like this thread to be a constructive place where people could come and post any stocks that they think might be in play as a result of the saddam capture. You can list either day trade stocks or short to mid term plays. Although, I think we should try to keep this thread to list stocks that will be play on monday as intraday plays.

    Please, be short and brief:

    1) List the stocks you think may be money makers on monday
    2) The reason why

    This way we can all share ideas before the open on Monday.

    Good luck guys.

    No need to rebuck or basj someones opinion either, lets not make this a debating board, lets just make it a place where people can list as manny stocks as possible for all of us to watch on Monday.

    Later fellas.
  2. play the oils
  3. No kidding!!!!! Play the oils??????

    There are lots of them. Which ones and why?

    Lets be more specific here in our plays-Anyone can say play oils.

    Lets try to show a little more reasoning on this board.

    I think CAT and BA will be good plays.

    Obviously CAT is a stock that may see a lift because of rebuilding. BA is obvious. Boeing is just a stock that is always lifted on news related issues due to war.
  4. Play the financials:

  5. Here are my criterias.
    Stocks near all time high.
    High short interest.
    Technicaly in long mode.
    Price above 45
    Here is my list.
  6. wtf?? that was a quick response. I am developing a trading plan for monday but you'll have to ask for details a little nicer than that !! :p :D
  7. Ok, pretty please. I have a few more for the board that I have looked into today.

    FLR and WGII.

    These are both stocks that are said to be in the running for reconstruction contracts. They are not GAURENTEEED contracts, but they might just move on the Saddam news just because they have the POTENTIAL for rebuilding contracts from the government. It appears trhat reconstruction might come sooner than expected and it may, as a result, move these stocks up.

    Good luck tomorrow guys. And, yes, pelase share your oil plays as well.

  8. play the airlines
  9. Shorting gold after hitting multiyear highs?? I don't know about that...maybe a short term short for a few days but I would definetly not short longer term. Gold like all commodities has been rallying for a while and anyone that tries calling a top can be dangerous to your portfolio. Good trading.:)
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