Saddam rumor at 10:00?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sammybea, Jul 24, 2003.

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    Anyone know the reason for the spike? I would think Saddam rumors should be commonplace for the next couple of days. Obviously, made up by future traders and the likes.
  2. I put in 10 ES buy orders of 25 contracts each between 09:40 and 09:45, and then I wen't to the Yahoo boards at 09:46 and started the rumor. Wow what a nice pop!!! Now I can take the month of August off!!! :cool:

    This is OK to do, right?

  3. AMT - Hey that's great...

    but why do you have an apostrophe in Ranger's??

    it really bugs the rest of us here on ET:mad:
  4. Just kidding!!! Thanks for the correction. I work all night and trade during the day, so I am half asleep usually when I post anything on ET. BTW, all my english teachers during my life where liberals so my grades were "C's". :eek:
  5. just bored to tears this morning.:confused:
  6. Tea


    FWIW, Briefing said follow-through on a bounce off the 50 day moving average.
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    Same here!!:D
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    Thanks Tea.. didn't see that before.

  9. Nothing an icy cold Pabst Blue Ribbon couldn't cure! Brings me back to the old college days! A lot of PBR, Black Label, and Old Mil! Anyone know "Gibbons?" LOL
  10. Actually theres a report that comes out on thursdays at 10 called the Business Barometer that a lot ot traders watch.
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