Saddam is dead, are we safer now?

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Are we safer now that Saddam is dead.

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  1. So Jr. got his man, big bad Saddam is dead.

    Are we safer now? Thousands of American soldiers dead, thousands more wounded and crippled. Estimates of over half a million Iraqi people dead. Billions of dollars spent. Cost to the consumer in the form of higher gasoline prices because of the war. A divided country here at home, republicans lost power in the house an senate.

    So are we safer now? Was this trip really necessary?
  2. Pekelo


    We are safer. I don't have to look under my bed anymore before I go to sleep.

    By the way, I loved Fox news' 2 pics of Saddam next to each other: LIVE and DEAD....
  3. What a shame he was executed.

    Should have kept him alive to study, because, really, he wasn't evil or anything. He just had a bad childhood, not his fault at all.

    Every soul is fallen, he should have been given a second chance. Surely after a couple of years he would have repented and done what was best for his country and urged Sunnis and Shi'a to live in harmony.
  4. This was his second chance. He wouldn't have been in power for more than a few years without the intensive support of the US. I know, there was a reason for that, but never forget he was an ally not so long ago.

  5. For years and years they kept telling us that Saddam was BAAAAAAAAAAD because he "gassed his own people". However, even in a kangaroo court, it appears that they couldn't find/manufacture enough evidence to convict him. So all those Iran/Contra crooks (many of whom have emerged from hiding and have been skulking around Washington DC for the last few years) are going to have to spend the rest of their days wondering when the truth is going to slip out about who really killed all those people at Halabja.

    Don't let the real criminals get away with it.
  6. Probably the "Fort Sumter" moment of the Iraqi civil war.
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    President Ford's body is lying in state at the Capitol. Sadam's death doesn't really seem to matter right now.
  8. sadam hanging video is on google vids in case anyone interested
  9. Well, this video is a shitty, crappy, version taken by an Iraqi who had no clue as to how to use a video camera.

    There is another video, more complete than this, that starts with the "change of custody" process, when Saddam was handed over to the Iraqi Authority. In THAT video, Saddam resists, struggles and actually starts to curse everyone and weep. When it became clear that he was going to have to go, he settled down a bit. I doubt that the video will be seen as it shows the poor bastard in a way that his countrymen would not like to remember. In the end, he died a pathetic has-been. Now for the rest of his pyschopath family.

    Do I feel safer? I feel plenty safe. I have 5 handguns, a rifle with a night vision sight and a lot of ammunition.
  10. No need to make up stories about some fictitious video.

    Clowns like you will more often than not end up killing themselves with your home arsenal.
    The real question is why was the CIA supporting Saddam for decades?
    How many more young Americans will get killed by Sunni insurgents?
    In what form will the next domestic terror incident take place?
    How many of you will get killed? When?
    Which city is there less chance of getting killed by your own gun toting citizens?
    When will the next republican paedophile prey on another boy?
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