Saddam going out with a bang?

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  1. How much oil does Iraq have when compared with Kuwait? I saw the IMAX film "Fires of Kuwait" and it was really amazing how much environmental damage those oil wells did when Iraqi soldiers blew them up on the way out.

    There is a report that Saddam has one or two oil wells spilling massive amounts of oil into the desert right now.

    I hope we move in swiftly before he does more damage.
  2. Hey, welcome back aphie. Good question. If you think they will torch the oil fields, a good play is to be long crude futures or options. Of course, you will be destroyed if damage is minor.
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    'The US-UK column is heading at top speed for the oil fields of southern Iraq which have been surrounded by American and British special forces since earlier this month. DEBKAfile’s military experts view this first major military move in the war as a bold tactic to prevent the sabotage of the oil fields, with the largest field in southern Iraq, Rumailah, at highest risk'
  4. Surely Saddam must have realized that the U.S. could have acted for quite a long time. Wouldn't he have made sure that his own oil fields were equipped with explosives in the event that we did go to war with Iraq?

    I'd just like to know exactly how many barrels of oil per day are being spilt into the desert right now. Are we talking millions?
  5. We must stop Saddam from misusing the oil... we must move in as quickly as possible to secure the oil reserves...

    The scumbag Saddam has a life expectancy of no more than 1 week...