Saddam Captured!!

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  1. Now that we have captured Saddam, what shall we do with him?
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    who´s "we" ?
  3. as much of an asshole he is, i would not execute, disfigure, or beat him.

    if we want info from him, we could make him uncomfortable (sleep deprivation, etc.), or reward him (food, etc.) for helping us.
  4. Open trial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D

    Let him spew everything he knows. Bumya and cabal should be trembling in the thought of such possibility. AHHAHAHAAHAHA:D

    Good news!!! cheer on people.

    Headlines DOW above 10k AND Saddam in the bag. Nice Xmas present.

    One down 4 more to go. How many doubles did we say Saddam has? Didn't we kill em before blowing up that compound early on?????

    DNA test? Where did we get the original DNA samples?

    After the Jessica Lynch fiasco, and all the lying and deceit bumya/neocon cabal fed the nation for invading Iraq. Surely I'll believe them on anything they say

    Good news for the markets tho. Shorts in PAIN
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    Send him to my Mom's so she can yell at him.
    He will beg for death.:D

    Seriously....let's hope he mysteriously dies while in a French prison.:D
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    Nice beard!
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    I wonder if kids this Christmas will be too traumatized to hop on Santa's lap in malls all over the country by this news.

  8. C'mon. We took all his palaces. All they need for a DNA sample is a hair comb or razor blade he's used. A single flake of dandruff is probably good enough.
  9. We got plenty of DNA when we captured his palace.
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