Sad that it takes rate cuts to rally the market...

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    Just to think they only have 2.25% to go until they touch 0%, at this rate they should be all used up by mid to late 2008, then what....We have seen this time and time again, they cut rates the markets rally for a 1-2 weeks and the next sell off takes place. Admit that this is a very sad market environment to know that the only catalyst for the bulls are rate cuts.
  2. What are you talking about? Those bright guys on Wall St will soon invent a way for the Fed to reduce rates to (negative)-.05% or -1% when needed. You'd be surprised at the potential tools at their disposal.

    Of course it's already there when you factor in CPI and/or taxes but that's another story.

    After all, you're dealing with America's brightest minds here. America's last bastion of pride. The Financial services industry "cannot" be exported overseas!
  3. "SELL THIS RALLY!!!! DOW GOING TO 11500!!!!!"
  4. Too Funny!
    I didn't even have to click on this thread to see who was the original poster . . .
    I already KNEW it was S2007S manufacturing one more thread of the day for Baron and ET.

    How much does this kid make per post?
    Did he cross the 6,000 barrier today?

    And to think that he actually said on Monday that he "couldn't pull the trigger ( and buy them ) because the Dow didn't fall far enough" and because "The Fed didn't let the market fall far enough."



  5. You are sour, you got burned in hell today. Fed rates are for the betterment of economy not how SPX and DOW behaves. Its for our jobs for the people and revival of housing markets.

    Feds have never ran out of options or cutting rates in history. They go down to 1.5 points lowest and the money supply changes things around.

    IF you cared to know it was the Feds raising these rate that killed the red hot real estate markets along with consumers tagging and refusing to buy. Feds raised rates 18 times from 2003 -2006 in a row.

    I think these rate cuts are enough for this year they may cut again .25 but that's about it will take to revive things back to normal. After all should they not do this to avoid your imaginary recession ? Feds can't fix your head...

    Who will fix your head? Only a shrink can do that..

  6. I think BEARS are running out of bullets, capitulation is near and defeat certain..
  7. Wait a couple weeks and we may or may not eventually fall and he will of course declare victory in hindsight "I TOLD YOU DUMB BULLS WE WILL GOTO 11500, I HOPE YOU ALL SOLD THE RALLY AS I PREDICTED!!!!" Does he make real money trades corresponding with his daily market calls? I'd say no.
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    I was flat going into today. Added some short positions at the close (SPY, SDS, and hedged futures ES and YM). I don't think this rally will end, as they can't cut rates forever.

    If I'm wrong, I'll be wrong, but I don't think this'll work for long.

  9. You go Girl!!!!
  10. I have absolutely ZERO faith in George Bush and his Administration.

    That having been said, I DO BELIEVE THAT BERNANKE ( and most of the FED governors, except for the 2 that voted "no" today ) GET IT!

    And guess what comes next folks?

    How about a little Dollar buying by Paulson over at the Treasury now that the entire foreign exchange market is short up the Gazoooooooo!

    Can you say KA-BOOM!!!
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