Sad sad day

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    I guess it's a sign people feel wealthier. They no longer want frozen meat, only chilled. (In fact I haven't eaten "frozen" meat, except for fast food restaurants, for 5 years or so.)

    At least lean hogs are still there.
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    I really don't know anything about this industry, but I thought all bacon we eat was coming from pork bellies and that it was standard to freeze it. Is it different now?

    I also read somewhere that packers have better way to hedge right now and it was one of the reason there was no interest in this contract anymore.
  4. It's a more integrated business and with smoother consumption and supply curves than in the past. Sad indeed. My dad took me to that pit in the mid 70's when he worked for John Morrell.,0,2388573.story?track=rss

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    back in the 80s, rule number 1, never trade bellies unless u are trading on the floor. Easy money as a floor bellies trader if u know the rules. All u have to do is wait for SMALL TRADERS to place market order.