Sad Sad Day for PALM,RIMM

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  1. S2007S


    amazing how RIMM drops,

    you would think the apple phone already was selling and in the hands of tens of thousands of users to warrant a selloff in RIMM shares.
  2. Tums


    RIMM's core clienteles are government agencies and big corp with long term subscription contracts.
    iPone will capture the hip set. The market will knee-jerk react to it by selling RIMM, will but it won't dent RIMM in the long run.
  3. the whole sector is a complete joke. Tech is plagued by massive overcapacity. At least oil and metals had some price pressure. Tech? please.
  4. I agree totally. Rimm is definitely on my watchlist again for the ride up.
  5. I'll be a buyer @ 89.227
  6. nitro


    Mark my words, the iPhone flops as a first release.

    Reason? No physical keypad. AFAIK, you have to use a screen to enter a phone #. That so blows it is not even worth talking about it.

    Now, the new gizmo from AAPL that allows you to wirelessly connect your TV to an iTunes enabled PC so that you can watch iTunes stuff on TV...

  7. I don't think the keypad will be that big a deal. You can always use voice activation.

    A short battery life would be a pretty big killer and I have a feeling that something that thin will have a short life at least until battery technology improves.
  8. Man are you nuts? I think you should really head down to the Apple 5th ave. store and checkout the iPhone in person. Multi-touch is the next must have feature, look what the scroll wheel did for the ipod its basically the same level of sophistication for user control on the iPhone.

    Though I do think the iPhone does have some sort commings the Multi-touch pad definitly isnt one of them, I can just imagine all the positibilities with future revisions iSight anyone? Not to mention it already runs MacOSX you basically have access to the vast array of mac apps and widgets available today.
  9. nitro, the no keypad concept is huge. iv been waiting for a purely display based interface ever since seeing it on star trek when I was a kid. the multi touch screen is revolutionary with what it can do / change how people use computers, at least the MIT demos were pretty amazing. (google video multi touch screen)

    innovation in the human-computer interface in the ipod was the main reason why people loved it so much. i wont be surprised if the display based interface on the iphone has a similar following.

    i am definately going to try to make mobile interface to my automated system using the iphone.
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