Sad Reality

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by flipflopper, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. So after the number came out a I turned on CNBC to see how they were gonna spin this.

    I see this pathetic looking bull shuffling through some papers with his reading glasses on and he said "You know the numbers aren't as bad as they appear. The job losses seem to be from the teenagers."

    I laughed so hard my stomach hurts.

    I then thought of stockturder and makalodashit.

    Reality may have set in.
  2. People only watch their crap shows when they are making money on the long side. CNBC needs to prop the market as much as possible.
  3. Still calling people names I see. Trading much?
  4. Traded a bit this morning. You gonna hold your longs for the next 12 months?
  5. I will hold the little net long exposure I have over the next 12 months, not necessarily the same names. I trade in and out of stocks long and short all the time. Not sure why you think of me when you watch CNBC but I'm doing fine, thank you.

  6. Damn.... you do trade. Why do you post so damn much attacking people then?

    I thought you were some investor on a trading board like stockturder.

    I am guessing you set up basket orders ahead of time then just execute them when the markets seem to be turning?
  7. Why the hell where you thinking about stocktrader and makloda during the trading day?

    This is an internet is just made up of 0s and 1s. This is HYPER-REALITY.

    Do yourself a favor and focus on actual trading instead of internet personalities - if you do that, you might actually make some money
  8. I don't attack people though. I disagree with certain opinions, statements or analysis. But I try to refrain from attacking people or calling them names. Big difference IMO.

    Good trading all.