Sad day in birtherland. even glen beck thinks you are nuts.

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  1. It is saying something when even glen beck is left of the birther conspiricy nuts on et.

    Glenn Beck on birther issue: 'Dumbest thing I've ever heard'
    The ongoing dialogue then spun off into ridicule as Beck caricatured those who question the sitting president's eligibility with straw-man arguments reminiscent of jibes made by Obama's apologists in other news outlets.

    Beck defined birthers as people who believe Obama was born in Kenya or other foreign country, was raised as a Manchurian candidate and somehow brainwashed Hillary Clinton into not exposing his fraud. According to Beck's running joke, birthers believe someone – maybe Obama's KGB "control" – preemptively placed Obama's birth announcement in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers with a "roadmap" of getting an African man into office.

    As for Obama producing a long-form birth certificate to actually prove his place of birth, Beck questioned, "Why do that when these people ['birthers'] are so discrediting themselves?"
  2. You left out this nugget:

  3. M Jared

    M Jared

    Where is elite traders birther # 1 jficquette ? He must be devastated LOL :D :D :D