SAC's Cohen reportedly hosts GOP strategy session

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Aug 27, 2010.

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  2. Financial Reform had some teeth after all. :D
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    Interesting trend;
    that article noted Bruce Kovner is jumping on that trend also.[conservative political trend] Actually most of them sound like what they call ''Reagan Demcrats''

    Also interesting, no matter what happens; [in November to remember]-The Supreme court, & lower courts seem to be mostly ''Reagan Democrats/Reagan Ruling Republicans''.LOL:D

    And far from ''Blaming Bush'', the Court s ;recently favored again Pres Bush on stem call research.:cool: .. favored oil drilling in gulf...:cool:

  4. "During the 2008 election cycle, SAC gave 71% to Democrats.

    SAC gave 93% of its 2010 election-cycle donations to Republicans"

    Yup, two points make a trend, just how the original Turtles would have traded it.
  5. They should fund the Tea Party instead.
  6. The "special needs" party?

  7. Jerry's Kids. There are a few of them here.
  8. That's class for ya- from our resident marxists to no ones surprise...