SAC's Cohen - left every employee in the lurch - now asking employees not to talk.

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    I wanted to know which company that he shorted had so much power they could sick the wheels of "justice" on cohen.

    Was it volkswagen or germany itself. no one else on wall street that high up is being pursued for blowing up the economy and they go after Cohen in a seemingly very competent manner.

    what did he do... who did his piss off.
  2. Did Martha Stewart piss of some specific individual?
    Perhaps sometimes they just like to perp-walk a big public name or two on insider trading charges, just to remind everyone that the SEC is still there, and once in a while people actually do get caught for that sort of thing. Or you're right and he did screw with the wrong dude. We'll probably never know, but you can bet anything the feds are putting max effort into making deals (leniency in exchange for testimony) with the little fish they've already caught, in attempt to nail Cohen.
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    Probably nobody special, but to quote myself;

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    it is all about cutting the deficit. instead of cutting the government sector they go after the private sector. orders are from the top.
  5. all employees' lives were bought with a salary. they are owned.

    listen sheep.....listen to your god. don't talk, period.

    they are afraid creatures......afraid of the ones with money.

    this is why you trade.....amass great wealth and hire minions.

    now get me coffee!!!!
  6. Perception. She came-off publicly as an entitled b*tch. The prosecution was an easy sale.
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    they gonna take him down like the did Milken.
  8. Yeah, all they need is one or two informants who prefer testimony and betrayal over pound-me-in-the-ass federal prison. There are so many grey zones in this industry that the old saying applies: 'Show me the man and I'll find you the crime'.
  9. wow he is now asking employees not to talk!!!!!

    six years investigation.
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