SAC trader takes female hormones to improve trading

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  1. Yeah I bet he never shuts the hell up either.
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    "One junior trader claimed that the boss, Ping Jiang, a key producer at the big hedge fund, demanded that the young trader take female hormone pills to help erase his aggressive male ways so he could be more effeminate in his trading style.
  3. Crazy chinese.

    Ping would you like to touch my ding? Me so horny, not only am I growing a vagina but my scalping now has that feminine touch where I enter and exit oh so gracefully.
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    Gives a whole new meaning to SAC capital
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    Cohen is extremely philanthropic in the community and I suspect he made a "donation" to the right authority to sweep this under the rug. After all Ping is his top earner @ SAC.

    I guess he forgot to give Charlie Gasparino a little early Christmas cash!

  7. Smart fellow. Was real bullish on Chinese stocks even before the world knew China has a stock market. I should've listened when he was pounding the table on SOHU, SINA et all when they were near a 1.00.