SAC & Gradient Sued by Bioval - 60 minutes

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  2. did you see the airing?

    the below quote from the article was mentioned by the narrator, i believe, word by word during the show.

    i remembered it, b/c i found owning a hockey rink was funny


    On the other side is Biovail's Eugene Melnyk, also successful and wealthy. While Steven Cohen has a hockey rink on his property, Melnyk owns an NHL hockey team. This fight between the hedge fund owner and the CEO could get brutal.

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    Wow, that Gradient spokeswoman just on CNBC really scrambled and backtracked when Charlie pressed.

    Sure seems like all of those involved like Gradient, Herb, Cramer, etc, are in extreme "damage control" mode.

    What they should have done, if innocent, was stand tall and say "I welcome the investigation and subpoenas. I have nothing to hide, as I have done nothing wrong. I too want a fair market place..."

    The way Herb is popping up like a jack-in-the-box at every opportunity to bleat and whine looks, well, guilty as hell. JMHO
  6. Monday, March 27, 2006
    Leslie Stahl vs. the Supreme Court

    I watched the highly anticipated 60 Minutes segment on hedge funds last night, and my first question is why would anybody in their right mind ever watch 60 Minutes?

    The way I grasp the show is this: a bunch of extremely old, infirm, out-of-touch people—all white with the exception of the ridiculous looking, earring-wearing Ed Bradley—pretend to ask tough questions while the camera tries to make them look somewhat younger than Keith Richards.

    Is that about it?

    And to paraphrase Andy Rooney (who strikes me as not so much a humorist but just a really bitter old guy), I don’t know about you but Leslie Stahl seemed to me so financially illiterate she’d have trouble making a withdrawal from an ATM machine.

    Still, the show carries some weight, so I watched. And I did learn something new.

    It is, apparently, terribly suspicious behavior when a person arranges a conference call with analysts and then provides those analysts with information, especially when the person arranging the call has a financial stake in the company and hopes to benefit from a movement in the stock.

    If this is so—and since Leslie Stahl thinks it’s so, who am I to quibble—then this country is in big trouble.

    Because the arranging of conference calls by interested parties with analysts, in order to influence those analysts and the reports they write to clients, is (it seems to me) precisely what all CEOs and CFOs do each time they hold an earnings call with Wall Street analysts.

    So if Ms. Stahl is to be believed, all those CEOs and CFOs attempting to influence analyst opinion every quarter are doing something terribly terribly evil.

    As is anybody in America who talks to a reporter, hoping to influence a story.

    And wouldn’t this apply also to lawyers speaking before the Supreme Court, hoping to influence the outcome of a case?

    I just have one question for Ms. Stahl: how is she going do her next story if nobody is supposed to talk to her?
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  7. PB told me in December, "I almost feel sorry for these guys".

    "Almost" is the operative word.

    And what would you expect Matthews to say? Ram Partners in on page 72 of Biovail's complaint.
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    these reporters and small research outfits are fools when they collude with hedge funds. the hedge fund is just using them. first mislead them into thinking they are in a special network. then get them to do the dirty work.
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