SAC Capital’s Cohen Opens Up

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    So many of these greats got their start like that, reading the stock tables in the newspaper as a kid. Newspapers don't have stock tables anymore, so we won't be hearing that in interviews of the greats 30 years from now. It will be interesting to see what got them hooked as children.
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    in general, the catalyst likely will be something they saw on the internet.
  4. Notice the oversize home he bought. Thats a tell. I would not hand him money to manage.

    Why would you want some behemoth home with 9 bathrooms 7 rooms for yourself?
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    because you can.

    i would never give any money to anyone to manage, but just because someone likes a big house - and they can afford it - then party in bathroom #5
  6. In 20 years there will be stories of today's algorithm junkies.
  7. +1. although i don't agree w/ buffet's investing strategy and some of his other stances (i.e. derivatives are evil yet he sells BILLIONS of dollars in otm puts) i do admire his spending habits (i.e. living in the same house - only real luxury he has is a plane which he uses for biz so it's not that much of a stretch).

    at the same time, as long as someone makes the money legally, as long as what they're spending it on is legal, they can do what they want.
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    sells billions of dollars in puts?

    Do you have a link to support this?
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    What relevance has his buying a house, oversized or otherwise, on whether you invest money with him?
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