SAC Capital setting up recon team in Washington

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Copernicus, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. So basically Steve Cohen will be paying a few mil a year to lobbyists on top of the few mil he pays to brokers for information before the rest.
  2. And I thought Stevie was a "talented" trader. WTF...he's just a one else can afford that "edge" !
  3. a few years ago i was working on a few models to see how correlated increases in money spent on lobbyists by corporations to their stock most cases it nailed it right on the head and on others it didn't, don't know how accurate it was tho since i was using incomplete data sets
  4. The HF community is completely starved for returns that justify there fees.
  5. Well there is more to it, you gotta be able to analyze the news in those few mins you get ahead of the herd. They do a lot of HFT and quants at SAC also.
    Talented or not, he basically came to accept & embrace the fact that exclusive information is an untouchable edge. The part that is "cheating" is the fact that under his use of what is really inside information is legitimate, while the average trader would be prosecuted.