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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dgmodel, Jul 15, 2003.

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    anyone have the scoop on this firm???
  2. Why are you asking? 'cause of the business week article?
  3. ktm


    Are you referring to SAC as in Steve Cohen?
  4. I don't believe Steve runs that fund anymore. He's running another fund.
  5. u r wrong fatty
  6. Unless you have the bluest chip credentials (i.e., the proper social connections or top of your Ivy League class) or a super trading record with multi-million dollar portfolios at a top-notch firm (daytrading firms don't count), don't even THINK of sending them a resume!
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    Business week has a great article on SAC and Cohen ( JULY 21 ) issue........
  8. someone said:

    "those guys participate on these boards"

    imagine that.....:)
  9. Oh ok then. I haven't read the article yet but my fund mgr says that Steve doesn't run it. He told me that the article has him running a different fund. Although he still has a lot of money with SAC. I must have gotten the wrong info. My bad. I'll go pick it up.
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    thats what i was looking for thank you! friend of mine read the article and swears he's going to work there... lol
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