Sabbatical for 1y

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    My current salary is north of $58,000.

    I'm employed since 18 years and my net savings account numbers $15,000.

    Although I already WORKED a million dollars in labor value, it'll take me 1200 years to get there effectively.

    So good luck to ya all, I'm taking a vacation from slavery work and for a sweet year I'll work:

    1) As much as I want.
    2) What I want.
    3) How I want it.

    Of course the plan after exhausting 18 years of savings is not to end up again in slavery. Nor the all too classical of becoming a billionaire (I'm a fucking $1M already) by and stepping on the throats of the optionless slaves that run the world.

    Something Russian, rather, robably.
  2. good luck with moving to honduras
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