SA is a moron!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jayford, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Predicts the weather..OK?

    Al Gore is running (try asking Al)

    Not to mention all the anti US shit just for the hell of it. Uses his own papers in a Brazil daily as support.

    I seriously hate this guy. Total anti US idiot.

    This is a TRADING site SA.

    Stop the bullshit political stuff via US, where you have no clue.

    Have you even made one dollar trading?
  2. Thats harsh.

    Seems to me, he's been better than evens ballpark correct about a lot of stuff.
    For that matter, the main thing i find dubious are the espoused economic benifits of brazil's economy itself, there are similiarities to iraq and brazils economic quagmire.

    You dont like the bush bashing, or just the tone?
    Or the fact he has a voice, cause hes a journo?

    And he's posted heaps 'o stuff, bout trading, particularly regarding ethanol-in fact, im sure i recall some time ago, that he predicted bush would come begging for ethanol trade deals, maybe some years ago now.

    Just sayin, is all.
  3. Actually Jayford is not being harsh at all since SA is actually a
    literary terrorist against the United States of America...

    He says he lives here, but I doubt it.

    A lot of his stuff is published in Arab countries promoting hate
    against America.

    He apparently has a lot of readers in that part of the world.

    His ultimate goal is to see the downfall of America.

    He acts like he cares, but he is just pretending. It's obvious if
    you read enough of his posts. Especially his earlier ones.
  4. Exactly,

    I bet Version actually makes money.
  5. You would win your bet.