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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Lucius, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Lucius


    I have the Dearborn material (it's what my firm provides), and I'm taking the practice tests, over and over again.
    So, my question is: for those who have used the Dearborn practice tests, how did your average practice test score compare with how you actually did on the S7? A couple of my buddies have said that they had a 15% drop between practice test and S7 scores - meaning that I need to be 90% on the practice tests to pull a 75% on the S7.
  2. i used dearborn to study and found it too easy. the stc material is harder...hope that helps
  3. I used dearborn to take my S7 and was scoring mid 80's on my practice exams and pulled a 78% on the real deal. You should be good to go. Dearborn is the way to go to be honest with you. The questions on Dearborn's exams are very very very similar to the real questions.
  4. ORM


    I used the textbook and bought some tests on internet. Got 89 percent on exam. Scored higher on exam than on test actually.

  5. birdman


    anyone try passthe7.com
  6. gnome


    When I took the test a long time ago, we had only 30% pass rate from our class.... and some of those were taking the test for 2nd or more time... Is the test still tricky?
  7. I used STC. The practice tests were a huge help, wouldn't have passed without them. I did 25 questions at a time, going back over the 25 if I missed any until I got 100% on all tests. I imagine this method would work with any practice test. You basically end up memorizing the questions and answers. Worked for me.

    There were still 20 or so questions about things I didn't see in my material on the real test. I'd imagine some were experimentals.