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  1. I have a g force 5200 dual vga+ s video pci card in my dell, it has been working fine for 2 years for 2 monitors, I can slide sites from screen to screen and run charts on both with no trouble but I'm trying to run a third monitor using my samsung tv out of the s video cable port

    I thought all I had to do was plug the cable into the port on the tv and the card and I would be able to slide my site right over to the tv but its not working

    I checked the setting and there was 3 monitors listed 1 and 3 said they were connected to the g froce and 2 was connected to an intel graphics card, I disabled the intel card but now it only shows 2 monitors, I tried to change the intel card to g froce but there was no way to do it

    does anybody know how to make this s video part of the card work

  2. A dual video card with TV-out S-video port, like your GeForce FX 5200, allows you to connect either 2 monitors or 1 monitor + 1 TV. It does not give you 3-display capability by itself (that would be nice).
  3. Thanks

    I think I just found that out, got to the nvidia site thru the advanced part of the display area and it said how to use the tv, it said to change the monitors to clone and go 1 tv 1 analog so you get tv and the same thing on 2 monitors, so I just reset the computer

    I thought I should do 2 monitors and a tv, it looks that way on the box, say dual vga plus s video, I thought it would do all 3 at once

    Thanks anyway