S-Video IN on notebook ?

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  1. Anyone knows if there is a notebook with a S-Video IN (not OUT) in the market? Thru' a quick search on Google, I've found one, but it's not from any main notebook manufacturers (Toshiba, Dell, ect...).
    Knowing that a S-Video in would require a graphic capture video card, I just wonder if such thing exists in notebooks. Maybe a PCMCIA card? TIA

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  3. Nkhoi,
    Nice little device, but still does not have what I needed :(

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    after a bit of research, the ibm thinkpad a31 will do what you want. check out http://computers.cnet.com/hardware/0-1027-405-20344466-1.html and look at that pic of the rear. it has two s-video ports, one input, one output. also, read the little blurb there. i think this model notebook comes with a fairly high end radeon mobility video card.

    hope this helps.

  5. Another solution if you don't need this to be a mobile application would be to get a laptop with a docking station that allows you to install a video card. Maybe we might have other valuable suggestions if you'll explain what your application is. :)
  6. Complex : indeed, the photo shows what seems to be a second S-Video, however, they did not mention an S-Video IN in the spec of the computer. I'll email them the question.:confused:

    Canyonman : My cousin, a dentist, has an intra-oral camera that connects to the S-Video IN of his desktop. He'd like to be a bit more 'mobile' walking around his clinic with the camera connected to a notebook.

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  7. Nothing to report on this end. I could not find a mainline unit that would handle your input desires. The trouble for me now is finding a converter for the S-Video to make it firewire-able or USB'd for inputting. At that point, there are any number of machines that would do a great job. I don't know of any converters off hand, but I do have a few feelers out. :)
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    as i said before, you need to read the blurb on the page i gave you. it says that some a31 models have video in.

    i've done further research and found exactly what you are looking for. go to www.thinkpad.com and then click on A series, at the bottom. then click 'view all models' and then either of the a31p models at the bottom of the list. look at the specs and it will indicate s-video in.

    i sincerely hope this helps.

  9. Complex !! THANK YOU !!! you've found it !!! THANK YOU !!!
    I did not read the blurb before, my bad ! :(

    Canyonman : that's a good idea to convert S-Video-In into Firewire. If such device existed, with appropriate softwares, one may not need to purchase a video capture card ?

    Complex + Canyonman, thanks for your helps!

  10. You can get the video in with USB; I think Dazzle has an interface for Video to USB. Remember, S-Video carries only that, the video, you still need the audio via rca phone jacks.
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