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  1. If you are trading S&P 500 , look for a trade around 10:50 est.
    For decision to sell or buy use 20ma. Early bias is bullish .
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    Are you using Gann or Elliot wave for the basis of your calculation?
    Or maybe some sort of Fibonacci time series?

    Dave Scott
  3. scott,
    None of the above, Gann and Fib methods use fixed ratios which , by definition , IMO cannot work in mostly random price action. I am using my math formula and market geometry to find most favorable areas where chances are greatest that signal will produce profitable results .
  4. So the S&P will go down, then up, then down today walter? that's a quality signal that should produce profitable results.
  5. Next signal at 12:10 est, use 20ma for direction .
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    You need to state a time frame to use the 20ma on.

  7. I have 2 more signals for today 13:20 and 14:20 est. I use 5 min charts . Use 20ma as a direction tool .
  8. I am bearish in the first hour and half after open. I have 2 signals : 10:30 and 13:20est. Use 20 ma or any simple directional indicator to get direction of a trade.
  9. Just in case there are some unenlightened amongst us:

    If under the 20 ema , its a sell?
    If over the 20 ema , its a buy?
    If at the 20 ema , its soap operas?

    Should be easy to test the results empirically that way, so there's no doubt as to the veracity of the prediction.
  10. On 1min chart there was exact minor top at 10:30est . Today's intraday action feels sluggish and did not produce any additional signals as of now.
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