S&P500 up 62% since March 2009 - Viva la Bam!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walter4, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Republicans are so screwed :)

  2. That big black man is trying to punch that little white kid!!!
  3. a democrat health care bill passes that republicans say will destroy america and the market tacks on another 200 points.
  4. I love this argument. As soon as the left loses their elections last week immediatly z10 and the huffington post say it has nothing to do with obama and the market goes up 200 points and he's immediatly credited.

    Perhaps the rally has more to do with the g20 announcing that the stimulus (gross over liquidity) will continue.

    Call Goldman and ask them how difficult it is making money when you get it for nothing. This is what the entire rally is being built off of, free money.

    My guess is barry and co try and keep the money tree full until the 2010 elections.

  5. bpcnabe


    I noticed his personal security unit is pretty much black guys now. Is that because he doesn't think a white guy would take a bullet for him?
  6. Lucrum


    :D Would you?
  7. Obama hates white people.

    He's surrounded himself with white hating racists his whole life. Should come as no surprise that he's a racist too.
  8. dsq


    That makes lots of sense.God,some white people are scary illiterate.Do you have problems tying your shoelaces?
    Now i really understand why the gop is so nuts and hillbilly.

    BTW,john w,the republicans LOST 2 congressional seats to the dems .Those were the elections that really counted.
    The gop is looking more a white power militia group.Good luck to you guys.

  9. Ohhh yeah, how is that unemployment rate doing?

    Obama pulled out all the stops for Corzine. How did that turn out?
  10. It passed? That is news to me. It did not pass. It made it through the House by a slim margin. It still has to go through the Senate which is the hard part.
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