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    Hi all. I have just started looking into trading the S&P eminis. I am very new to this but i have come accross many sites that claim to be able to teach you to be able to trade for 1 point per day/night. I was just wondering if this is realistic or is it just rubbish to sell you on their product/training program?
  2. 99% percent of all those sites are the real deal. The more you subscribe the more money you make...Those good-hearted vendors are real angels for sharing their secrets. The more expensive sites are the best. The ones that give you signals without an explanation of how they trade are really, really good...its called sharing the wealth. Why would you need to learn how to trade?...just follow the signals and/or use their magic.

    Hint: subscribe to about 5 of them....you will multiply your profits to make it on the Forbes 500....and if you follow every signal you will be up there with the Big "B"

    Go For it!

    It's easy...

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    I'd rather flush my money down the toilet, but that's just me
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    I never advocate "guru" websites that charge premium services, but e-mini executors with <del>edited</del> at least has good information.

    I used to get their newsletter a while back that just highlighted levels and trends. It's not the best thing for a noob, but it's assistance once you get developed.

    There's a lot of free information out there that takes years to master. I usually recommend going that route - don't trust anyone. The best trainer is screen time.
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    And as for being able to hit 1 point a day is this realistic or just rubbish?
  6. Most of it will be rubbish.

    What you might want to do is simply take whatever free trial offers some of these guys are giving out and take them for a test run. Don't commit to anything.

    Also, ask them if they will guarantee you a certain minimum amount of ES points per month or that month is free. If they can't do that, you have to ask yourself why. Obviously, that guarantee won't mean you'll make that minimum number of points because you always have the freedom to ignore their trade recommendations, but then the fault will be yours, not theirs.

    If they claim to be able to make 1 point/day consistently, they ought to be able to guarantee you 0.5 point/day for any given month. Trading is more like baseball in that respect, where you know that a great hitter is likely to hit .300 for the year, but in any given month of the season, his average could be below that by a good amount.
  7. It's true...(but those days that you lose 3 points will kill ya!). Trading is boring....You spend hours glued to the screen to find those set-ups...you trade and trade and trade...till you don't trade anymore...maybe you win 30% of the time...it's kinda like dating...Girls are taught by their mothers to say No!...ask them this way...Is there any reason why you and I cannot go out to a nice dinner? when they answer No!...it is yes...

    The question is can you learn how to communicate with the market you want to trade? Can you consistently make a profit? Don't get in your own way with setting boundries...The market does not care about your targets...how much capital you have....How you feel...etc

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  8. Shooting for a single point is folly. Once the trade is placed you're down 1 tick plus commis. What's a reasonable stop in the scenario, and add all those frequent occasions you're wrong? Can't be done, one point profit target is folly. The tick "noise" alone will eat you alive.
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    From what i have seen it seems as though 1 point or even just a couple of ticks per night (im in australia) would not be that hard. As i said i am very very new to this but my plan was to invest $2,500 to start off with. Only trading one contract at a time for one point a night for a profit of $50 a night. All the money would continue to go into the trading account and for every $2500 id only trade 1 contract. So once i built it up to $5,000 id then trade 2 contracts but still only chase that one point per night now making $100 per night. This was the plan when i saw all the sights that claim to be able to teach you to hit 1 point per night. I am aware that it can never be 100% and there will be losing trades but i figured if they can guarantee 1 point per night then surely even if i lose every now and then id still come out on top most of the time. Starting to have second thoughts on it now though.
  10. Buddy13,

    So what happens on that night you lose 1 point? How will you make up for that?...or do you think you will win every night and not stop trading until until you do?

    Do they guaranty to not only give you a free month but to make up your losses also?


    P.S. Point being...to make 1 point per night you need to make more than one point per night to get that average, since you admit that you cannot trade 100% and there will be losing trades.

    P. P.S. Buddy13...Do you think you are the first guy to think of this...? It aint that easy. This is one of the few endeavors that you take on, where it is not as easy as taking some classes...reading a book....etc...If it were that easy and if it were logical...well there would be a lot more successful traders....right?

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