S&P500 Bear Flag Noon-2:15PMish

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gettinglucky, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. I spy with my eyes an intraday bear flag on the S&P500 (July 6, 2010) from noon to ~2:15PM. Market is doomed b/c (intraday) bear flags always foretell of a major crash...
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    Would you care to show a picture ? ... :)
  3. Sure. Look at 12:00PM - ~2:10PMish. Bear flag!

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    If you compress the graph on the x-axis to create the flagpole the flag also compresses, i.e., almost disappears. So why don't you just draw out the flag pole and the flag on top of the chart so some of us dullards can see what you are seeing? Wouldn't it make sense to base your rather unsettling conclusion on more than just a Summer's afternoon of trading on light volume? (The second worst outcome I can imagine is that you will, by blind luck, be proven right and we will have to salute you as a genius. :D) It looks more like a pooper scooper to me.
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    [​IMG] :confused:
  6. Do I really have to????

    And here I was thinking that ET lurkers, erm, I mean traders knew what they are doing...

  7. While I'm at it... Here is my prediction for tomorrow... But that don't mean the market isn't doomed (short-intermediate term)...

    (See IMG below...)
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    Or this...


    ... Tomorrow...
  9. Booya!






    (Btw, I'm not a day trader, so I haven't made a single penny from my predictions) :D
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