S&P500 at 1253 one hour before close

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeepFried, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I think we'll rally and end higher than 1253 today.
  2. balda


    market needs to go lower. too many people are overly confident. another 20 points on nasdaq will be healthy.
  3. You care, old bean. :p
  4. I don't disagree but I think we end higher than 1253 on the S&P today.
  5. if foreign inflows keep getting pulled {like again today --- second day in a row} out of our market then no chance of any end of year 1250 or above level. no one can replace this level of "liquidity" to hold the market at current levels if foreign inflows shift back out of the U.S. market ---- i see gold received some additional liquidity today. :)
  6. Close = 1257.37

    up 4 points and change
  7. I expect this will be the last post on this thread.

    If the market had closed flat or lower, the usual 5-star assholes would be all over this thread. :D
  8. Nice call.

    The last hour closed right at it's high, so maybe the buying will spill over into tomorrow morning.

    Hope you had a profitable day.
  9. ES 3 minute chart shows a hanging flag in the last rally to the close Waiting for after hours to resume and look for breakout to the upside. If that occurs I see ES reaching 1262 or close to it. Looking to go long a few contracts on a breakout.
  10. Thanks, reno. Yeah, it might carry over into tomorrow morning. Maybe just the first half hour, though.

    The way the Greenspan and the Fed keep grumbling about inflation I wouldn't be surprised if we're flat for the rest of '05.
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