S&P will be under 700 within days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by B. Rowshan, Nov 19, 2008.

S&P will be under 700 within a few days?

  1. Incredibly, Yes it will

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  2. No it won't

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  1. Take this from the guy who started a thread when the S&P was 1250 saying that it would plummet below 1000 within a month.

    Now...S&P will be under 700 in a few days. You'll see.

    I guarantee it. and I haven't been wrong yet in 2008.
  2. with your ass ?
  3. That is a bold call, a few days like what, 3 days?

  4. No, not really.

    a bold call was when I started a thread that predicted the S&P would go below 1000 when it was at 1250 !! I predicted a -20% loss, and I said it would happen quickly.

    That was a bold call!
  5. S&P hits 1000 before if it will ever go under 700.
  6. dsq


    congrats and who cares about your call?
    Buy nov puts and tell us friday how rich you are if you really beleive what u are trying to tell us.You need to put your words to action not blabbing.
  7. Dreamin is free..S&P won't see 1000 for a long, long, long time.

    Forget S&P 900 before 700.
  8. LMAO! I've never gone long premium in my entire career. there are much smarter ways to profit.

    Everyday, stocks are crashing. everyday is another great opportunity to short a stock and grab free $$.
  9. I believe you. There seems to be a total lack of buyers right now except for speculators, they can only hold it up for so long, besides I think most of the speculators are daytraders at this point.

    There needs to come a price where people are at least a little confident that this might be the bottom again, and I don't think 780 is it.

    We'll see.
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    bahahahahah!Another et troll.
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