S&P ups J.P. Morgan and State St. to strong buy

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  1. "We believe that JPM has the strongest balance sheet versus peers in our coverage. We think JPM will be the first of its peers to be able to lower its reserve build and perhaps release reserves in the first half of 2010. Despite a recent sharp rise in the share price, we think JPM offers further upside potential as investors are apt to value the company on its normalized earnings potential," the analysts said. Regarding State Street, the S&P staff said, "State Street's shares have pulled back roughly 5% in the past two days and we think they are more attractively valued. With STT recently transferring its conduits onto its books, we think one major overhang is behind the company. Although concerns still remain over STT's securities portfolio it has held up well over the last few quarters and we do not expect major writedowns."
  2. Where does the bullshit end?
  3. S2007S


    Come on already these stocks are priced to perfection, how many strong buys do they need after being up over 150% in 5 months. They are just trying to suck in more fools.
  4. Daal


    This one might turn out to be the worst timed financial stock call of the rally
  5. Or conceivably, they need the extra 'juice' to help their buddies unload just before a perceived pullback or worse.

    Just saying...

    I always understood that JPM had the largest derivatives holdings of all.
    And that is considered a strong buy in this fragile market?