S&P to end year higher than current 1224.6

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S&P will close year higher than current 1224.6 level

  1. Yes, the S&P will be higher than 1224.6 eoy

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  2. The S&P will be lower than 1224.6 eoy

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  3. not sure

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  1. With all the "occupy" stuff gathering momentum, and the high current bearish sentiment, the market can only go up right now.

    But I think the market will be down significantly in 2012.

    But from the current S&P 1224.6 level, I see it ending 2011 a bit higher than current levels.
  2. It's important to have the specific number of 1 vs 2
  3. wrong for today
  4. right for today.

    I knew there was alot of power in the high bearish sentiment.
  5. Each day it has bounced over and under 1224.6
  6. first down then up, GS target of 1250 by year end
  7. iprph90


    1280-1290 SPX.

    So the bulls can say: "We had 3-4% gain for the year and that's better than a money market account. In addition, the market is still cheap. Moreover, even though growth looks sluggish and the headwinds of Euro zone financial woes do pose somewhat of a bleak outlook, well, that's already priced into the market".:cool:
  8. so far more think higher than lower. this board has positive sentiment right now?
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