S&P says 1 in 3 chance that it will cut US AAA debt to AA

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  1. I just saw this reported.

    What are the consequences of this?

    Why Bernanke dosent seem too worried?
  2. Chinese are so stupid they are sitting on trillions of paper that says dollar on it but soon to vaporize

    When dollar lose all its value, China will go back to pre historic times in terms of economy

    watch and see
  3. bonds


    CNBC thinks this is good news as this means will tackle the problem now.

    the US markets dont seem too worried about it either, european markets were down more than twice as much as the american market today.
  4. Chinese are so stupid
    So you think.

    In fact you have very little idea of what China is doing.

    I would research a bit more on her actions of the last few years, with buying up Oil Producing areas, Buying our Debt, Buying into our Infrastructure, setting up alternative energy ventures in the US.

    China is not only going to crush the US in economic growth but she will soon own most of our Key Assets.

    Wake UP. China is far from stupid and she is positioning her self to prosper as the shift in Global Economic Powers is happening.

    Question is, is the US stupid?
  5. CNBC thinks this is good news as this means will tackle the problem now.

    WE shall see if the American Freeloaders and Parasites that control half this country are willing to " Tackle The Problem".

    We will see if the FAT CATS on both sides of the Isle will TACKLE THE PROBLEM.

    With the joke of a budget cut and the lies coming from both sides on how much the "Budget" cuts will help..... I doubt anyone Tackles Anything and they will continue to kick the can down the road.

    Read Gibbons. He may wake you up.
  6. If China is not already panicking after the S&P report and frantically trying to get rid of their dollars, they should start right about now.
  7. You're missing it. You're not seeing the picture...
  8. [​IMG]

    That walnut sized fear gland in their heads are working overtime.
  9. For PIMCO, the world's largest bond fund, the picture had become bleak enough to prompt it to announce in February it had sold all U.S. Treasuries in its $236 billion Total Return Fund.

    Bill Gross, PIMCO's chief investment officer, said he expected interest rates to climb, the dollar to fall and the United States to eventually lose its AAA credit rating.
  10. Bob111


    yes. not only stupid,but greedy and corrupted to the bone at the very top. like George Carlin use say-it's a big club and you ain't in it. public servants in DC today serving no one else,but themselves.
    they will sell their own mother,if there is bid and it's high enough for them. i said it few years ago..US will be captured by Chinese without single shoot. they will literally sell itself to China. like big fucking whore.... happens already as we speak. thanks to the pimps in DC..even Brazil is smart enough to stop selling land and resources to foreigners
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