S&P on NSDQ Closing Prices

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  1. FYI from NYT online today ...

    Volatility in Closing Prices Worries S. & P.

    Published: January 29, 2004

    Shares of Biogen, the biotechnology company, changed hands at an average price of $38.71 with one minute left in the trading session on the Nasdaq stock market on Nov. 12. Then, in the final five seconds, a series of small orders flooded the market, sending the stock up 1 percent.

    Sharp swings like this in Nasdaq stocks at the end of the day's trading have raised concerns at the Standard & Poor's Corporation. Worried that the volatile prices are unreliable, the company is planning to announce that it will soon start using American Stock Exchange closing prices for some Nasdaq stocks when it compiles daily movements in its widely followed S.& P. 500-stock index ...