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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Weasel, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Weasel


    Just curious.........I'm an equity scalper. Any S&P mini scalpers out there? I have never traded futures. Would love to try it out. Do you tape read with futures or is it all about trendlines and technicals? How would you begin if you are new to futures?
  2. Truff


    First thing is to do is get a demo and test your scalping system that you use for equities on the futures. Most good equity scalping systems are good for e minis as well.
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    That's right, the best way to learn is to sign up for a live simulator. You can sign up for J-Trainer or Strategy Runner, two very popular platforms.

    Visit http://www.globalfutures.com/platforms/index.html and you will see J-Trainer, Strategy Runner, and more on the left hand side.