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    I just got an e-mail offer from ***, they got a new data feed *** which offers MICRO S&P contracts...

    Never heard of it.. Is it new? If not, is it liquid??

    I tried Googling but no substantial info came up.

    PS: just remembered to put this..... NO I AM NOT A SHILLL!!!

    i figured putting stars instead of names will take care of accusations of shilling.
  2. I read about this on wiki before, never bothered to look for it on the platform though. Dunno if it is the same contract or being reintroduced or something else, but would be cool to hear more info.

    In June 2005 the exchange introduced a yet smaller product based on the S&P, with the underlying asset being 100 shares of the highly-popular SPDR Exchange-traded fund. However, due to the different regulatory requirements, the performance bond (or "margin") required for one such contract is almost as high as that for the five times larger E-Mini contract. The product never became popular, with volumes rarely exceeding 10 contracts a day.

  3. Dude it would be soooooooo awesome if they had a micro S&P that was $1.25 per tick (and 1/10 commission as well).

    I know of one broker in Australia who offers a micro ES, but they won't work with US residents.

    Is the brokerage you're talking about in the US?
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    It's AMP with CQG feed. I blocked out the name afterward so no one would accuse me of shilling, but since you asked. Anyway, if the contract is illiquid there's no point trading it no matter if any broker offers it or not. T
  5. what is the name of the contract? Is it an AMP only thing or is it an actual contract?

    I would literally be like this if there was a micro ES: [​IMG]

    Because then I could more comfortably trade the way I want while still managing risk. Swing trading the ES? Yes please! Right now I have to stick with SPY.
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    It's ES yeah.. it's kinda confusing, because the e-mail they sent me doesn't mention anything about micros. I don't even know why I said the e-mail was about micros in my OP... :confused:

    When I called them I initially wanted to inquire about their new margins....and then guy told me that it's for micros, basically if e-mini ES pays 12.5/point, micro will be 1.25/point. Then...I forgot....i just said ok I'll try the demo. Now I can't find the word micro in the e-mail they sent, so I don't know whether he was bsing me.:confused:
  7. I trade with AMP, there is NO micro ES contract, and the CME has no plans to introduce one.

    ** Even if the CME decided to introduce a micro for the ES, the liquidity would be miniscule since the major institutions, hedge funds, etc, would stay away from it. The micros being pushed by AMP and other brokers are the "shitty liquidity" currency and gold micros. Only suckers would trade those.
  8. so they're like the micro currency contracts that suck because they have wide spreads and low volume?
  9. generally speaking........ yes
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    I know, that fucker had me. I called to ask about the CQG e-mail they sent me and he started telling me it's basically only for micros like S&P. Gave me the false memory that the e-mail they sent me was about SP micros when such dont even exist, LMAO. WTF?
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