S&P Long term Symmetry Broken

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  1. Attached is a proprietary study which clearly shows the s&p breaking out of a multiyear time/price symmetry pattern.

    The plot in yellow on the right is the projected price/time pattern. This last surge to the upside is marked Break Of Symm.

    Make of it what you will.
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    I foresee many years of wide ranging sideways to lower trend action....

    Excellent for short term trades, swingers have fun !
  3. "Make of it what you will."

    you could possibly make art out of it, I don't know. Can't make a trading decision from it, thats for sure.
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    could it still in symertry but in diff direction, you decide!:D
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  5. To draw symmetry like that is just clear sign of "adjusting after the fact" method. Very accurate .
  6. Fact is, other than some phase adjustment that is required, the projections are totally automatic and are anything but after the fact. They are many months or years BEFORE the fact.

    Anyhow, my trading times for Jan 23, 2023 are 10:00am , 12:33PM and then I'll take a siesta.
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    roflmao!!!! sorry walter that was funny :) they are cute drawings though, aren't they?
  8. I always knew that you are one of those frequent traders . At least you will have a time to learn how to draw symmetry . You can start with 7 grade geometry book and then just keep adjusting till it fits.
  9. Walter, it seems that you rub a lot of people the wrong way. Maybe it is your approach. Have you ever thought about changing it?
  10. Not really , I go for quality not for quantity. Those people from JR thread started it and I gave it to them . I would never use such a language with people who are decent to me .
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