s&p just made intermediate term top @ 1440.1

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did the s&p make an intermediate term top @ 1440.1

  1. Yes, I agree with you thorn

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  2. No, I don't agree

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  3. i don't know / i don't care / go away thorn

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  1. thorn


    Guaranteed that the s&p topped yesterday, and will not see that level for many, many months. I'm heavily short, and I know the s&p will be negative this year. The current s&p price is 1430.

    Look out below!
  2. thorn


    comments are most welcomed from RM, Pabst, Polpolik and marketbarometer.

    intelligent comments are also welcomed!
  3. thorn


    anyone who thinks i'm wrong, please put it down in print now. While the s&p is close to this level.

    this is a "trading" website, so let's here it from the traders.
  4. ???

    Count me out! :D
  5. thorn


    I thought i was calling it in timely fashion, I called it within 10 points of a top.

    Anyway, I also called it last night, if that counts for "before the fact"


  6. yeah.... sure eliminates me as well....:D
  7. Just go away...please.

  8. thorn



    your time for saying "100% up.." is officailly OVER !!
  9. Here's a little info that only a few will appreciate, and I won't expand on it, but believe it or not dip-buying still will work during a sharp downtrend, AND will actually work better than during the bull times.

    How? You gotta have the right systems/stocks. My best months last year were May-June.

    Good luck to all. :cool:
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