s&p just made intermediate term top @ 1431.8

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thorn, Dec 22, 2006.

did the s&p make an intermediate term top @ 1431.8?

  1. Yes, it will last thru 3/31/07

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  2. No, it will be topped in the 1st qtr of 2007

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  3. i don't know / i don't care / go away thorn

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  1. thorn


    @ 1431.8 and it won't see that level for the entire 1st quarter of 2007.
  2. thorn


    and if it tops 1431.8 anytime thru 3/31/07, i will leave ET forever effective immediately.
  3. You have 3 numbers in your post: 1231.8 (poll question), 1331.8 (thread title), and 1431.8 (contents of the post). Sounds like you are drunk.

    Define "effective immediately". Doesn't it mean "now"? What's your preocupation with "leaving ET"? Is it that bad around here?
  4. thorn


    must be a conspiracy. it should say 1431.8 in all places

  5. hmmmmmm that would explain his last 3 top calls hes blown already in the last 2 months, he must have been drunk when he made those piss poor calls also.:p
  6. thorn


    the small difference between the 2 predictions is that yours is not serious, has no time frame and is not made w any real $$ behind it. While mine is very serious, uses the term "intermediate" which means thru 3/31/07, and my prediction has real money behind it. small differences bozo.
  7. thorn


    this is waaay too good of a call to be buried.
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