s&p just made intermediate term bottom @ 1252.98

Discussion in 'Trading' started by volente_00, May 23, 2006.

s&p just made intermediate term bottom @ 1252.98

  1. Yes, sellers are out of bullets.

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  2. No. the sky is falling !

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  1. Intermediate = as in many months.
    The s&p has been unable to bust thru 1250 and I say that 1250 still marks massive massive support now.
  2. Here is the new version of where's the love

    People killing people dying
    Children hurtin you hear them crying
    Can you practice what you preach
    Would you turn the other cheek?
    Father Father Father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    Cause people got me got me questioning
    Where is the BOUNCE?

    Low at 1258?

    So, the new low is at 1252?
  3. Oh well, there is always next time and the time after that, and once again and etc, etc, etc.....
  4. Raise your hand if your are actually shorting ES at this level.

    I wanna know who the dumb money is.
  5. I think it will rally back to the rising trend line and then fall from there
  6. 77% voted that I was wrong.

    Can we infer that the same 77% just got their a$$ kicked on the bounce off of 1250 ?
  7. Odgnut


    I didn't vote yet. Waiting for your "s&p just made intermediate term bottom @ 1190.12" poll next month. I'm sure you'll have all the bottoms covered sooner or later...so good job...keep it up.
  8. Keep running your mouth, I'll keep taking your money.
  9. seriously volente, give it up, I got bullish last friday and got my ass handed to me. How childish are u to come back time and again with these bullshit calls. I said we would be at 1290ish by tommorrow. I was wrong.. I also said the top would not reach 1334.. I was right, but you don't see me starting threads about it do you? Do all "retail" traders here a favor...vanish
  10. ja, so much for gloom and doom when things go boom, innit[?] hee hee hee
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