S&P is a bunch of irresponsible f**ks

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  1. RedDuke


    They had no problems slapping AAA on garbage MBS securities while pocketing millions in fees.

    However even tough their calculations does not seem to be exact, they had no problem downgrading US rating.
  2. They should have done in years ago,but yeah,all rating agencies are crap. The one & only true rating is the yield.
  3. Would it be more cost effective if the U.S. just bought SnP?
  4. clacy


    They are trying to salvage whatever remaining credibility that they have after the mortgage debacle.

    Everyone already knows that there are two options for our debt:

    Default or Monetization

    Their rating change is a diagnosis of our economic disorder, not the actual disorder itself.
  5. common sense says it shouldn't take s&p ratings to figure out the US has too much debt.
  6. I bet this adminstration has tried exactly that.
  7. Boycott Standard & Poor's Products - trade the mini-Dow and NQ, shun the ES, stop trading the spooz.

    CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, IBD, and all media outlets should cease to report on the level of the S&P 500 index - send it to the same place the Value Line index of yore has gone.

    No index is indispensible.

    Standard & Poor were in no small part responsible for the collapse that led to the current economic weakness, and now they are taking actions that are likely to exacerbate the weakness they themselves helped to bring on.

    I will never trade another es as long as I live. Long live the YM!
  8. BSAM


    You people shouldn't be knocking S&P. You must not realize they just bitch-slapped the thugs in D.C. for you.
  9. Why the outrage...

    They have been downgrading Europe into the ground these last months....
  10. that's not their call to make ... the s&p ought to be shut down as a public menace.

    then, congress should shut themselves down on the same grounds.

    s&p had already done enough damage.

    Boycott S&P - trade the ym and nq, not the es
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