S&P: higher or lower next 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by giraffe, Mar 19, 2006.

Will the S&P go higher or lower into Fed rate change?

  1. It will be higher than 1307 by end of March

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  2. It will be lower than 1307 by end of March

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  3. this is funny/ this is ridiculous/ this is stupid

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  1. giraffe


    At the end of the month, the Fed is raising rates once again. I don't think the market will like what the Fed minutes say, but i've been wrong before. I was wondering what ET thought.
  2. giraffe


  3. exactly bird..

    I love 100% up room to go!!
  4. ===============

    Exactly EqtTrader, giraffe, 100% up room to go;
    not a prediction however,
    and actually my statement of probabilities does apply to next 20 days.:cool:

    NasdaQQQ, NQ looks notably weaker;
    & has trouble staying above its 50dma for long.
  5. Rates are expected to rise , so that would likely be partly priced in, oil hasn't decreased as much as some say it should've,housing is slowing somewhat- the market still goes up.

    On the flip side there a lot of mergers and buyouts, I.P.O s - that sort of activity is causing at least some positive market moves.

    Autos aren't doing as good recently and are planning job cuts but AT&T has grown and are also planning 10 000 job cuts- grow or shrink i think good paying jobs will be tougher to find.

    Personally I think manufacturing will have supplied the market pretty soon- I think the number for consumer debt is at 2.18 trillion-
    a little bearish here temporarily, but every house has its troubles now and then
  6. giraffe


    I don't know about 100%, but the preponderance of bearish sentiment leads me to feel the market will churn higher into the Fed decision.
  7. giraffe


    More wall of worry to climb.
  8. giraffe


    I think the market will churn higher into next week's announcement. It will probably be over 1307 by next tuesday.
  9. cnms2


    Actually 100% room is downwards, upwards the sky's the limit ...

    One thought: usually the Nadaq leads the market, and the Semis lead the Nasdaq. If these were to confirm now, direction isn't up.

    The pre-earnings season is around the corner, and this will probably shape the market.

    As always, don't neglect your risk management!
    #10     Mar 20, 2006