S&P Has Topped Or Volente_00 Will Leave Et

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  1. The S&P has topped at 1350 right here right now or is within 10 points depending on how many 11 figure hedge fund traders like thorn remain who still need to cover their 1326 short, I give myself wiggle room to 1360.

    IF S&P trades above 1360 anytime this year I will leave Elite Trader forever.
  2. This year ???

    Or This day ?
  3. 1360.75
  4. He is talkin bout dah cash index..
  5. It's official: the Miami Dolphins are winning this year's SuperBowl at home, or I'm leaving ET forever.

    I realize they've given up a few sacks so far, and the running game isn't what it could be. But... rumor has it that Art Shell will be fired with one more loss this weekend, and he would then be available to shore up any position on the Dolphin's O-line.

    Right now, Art would be hands down the most talented blocker there, 60 years old or not.

    I'm going to volunteer for one of the cornerback positions myself. Still got good hands & reflexes, but at 42 yrs I probably run a 6.3 forty time.

    Might be a stretch asking me to cover the other team's best wideout on an island, but I can blanket anyone within a ten yard zone. Outside of that, we might have separation issues that give up some points.


    So... either my 'Phins win the Lombardi in Feb, or I'm outta here. Taking my entire emini trade account and laying it the Dolphins to win it all.

    With Art soon anchoring our line up front and yours truly covering the deep middle, what other result could there possibly be?

    Faithful Fan since Dolphins - Dallas SuperBowl in 1971
  6. Chicago 6 // Miami 3
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    There is a very strong possibility that Volente'call while bold may be very wrong. See attached chart of ES weekly.
  8. mkt still strong, lows been bot today; still, volente has been pretty good with his calls, at least as good as rubberbird'o, so he may be right.
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    Do you disagree with my analysis of the weekly ES chart?
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