S&P going up, Nasdaq going sideways

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 1a2b3cppp, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. These two usually follow each other pretty well.

    What's going on recently? Ever since that gap up the Nasdaq has been going horizontally and the S&P has been going up like a boss.

    Is there something inflating the S&P or is there something weighing the Nasdaq down?

  2. CT10Gov


    AAPL and tech earnings.

  3. It's not often you see something trend sideways in this tight of a range for this long.
  4. Bob111


    i'm personally sick of this masturbation mode.
    flat open, practically NO volume...then-narrow range and flat close. every day on very low volume.
    real proof that markets are now moved only by FEW political events.
    i'm starting to understand Jim Rogers ,when he was talking about end of trending markets. hope volatility picks up a bit,if not-i'm f**d.
    it's just waste of time. SSDD

    boys,who write options on indices\etf's probably making a lot of money :)
  5. I sold all my nasdaq stocks in 2012

    still 100% long the total stock mkt and international

    as goes AAPL so goes QQQ

    just a little repositioning on my part

    still own everything in QQQ, just in the form of VTSMX

    I'm not a stock trader, but if you are, it's always good to know what long term investors are doing

    may explain or at least fill in some blanks
  6. etfarb


    It looks like a short for the nasdaq is in the making.

    If AAPL already tanked (which it did) why hasn't the nasdaq tanked yet?