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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Rchemo, Dec 12, 2005.

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    My software, or maybe it's my broker, doesn't have sS&P futures quotes. Can you tell me how you all follow the S&P Futures? Is it a special symbol, or can you physically pull up the Dec ( Jan) S&P 500 options as an alternative? Any suggestions?


  2. Would help to know what software and broker you are referring to since what you are asking is extremely dependent on both.
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    Heh, yeah, good point. Right now I am using Marketport by Harrisdirect, but they were acquired by E*Trade and will be converting over to Power E*trade in January.
  4. ThinkorSwim has E-mini trading in the S&P and the Russell. 2000. OptiosnXpress also has futures on these indexes. If you want to trade or use futures than you might have to move to another broker.
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    You need to pay for the exchange feeds
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    Thanks you're right, they were there. Do you typically use Dec or a later date to trade with?
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    I typically trade the front month!

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    ES went from good to bad.