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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Madhatter, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Sorry for the horrible question guys. Just started using the SP Futures for my entry and exit points again. Its been so damn long.

    My question- thought we were on the U contract- but I am getting horrible ticks as if its not trading on the U contract chart. The Z contract on the other hand is getting great ticks and moving nicely.

    How much of a dumb ass am I? Are we on the U or Z? Is it my data or should I be watching the Z?

    Thanks in advance and be nice. ;)
  2. z since thursday
  3. Thanks man. Is there a webpage that will give me dates. Every page I searched told me we were in the U contract.

    The Z contract is December right? Thats whats confusing me. Last time I used SP Futures to trade we just had a symbol that was correct all year- didn't have to deal with contract changes.

    Appreciate it.
  4. CME.COM use search button
  5. Surdo


    Just compare the volume of Sep vs Dec, rollover is always the second week of the expiration month.

    I just enter the continuous contract on my chart.