S&P futures after hours Friday

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by estrader, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I know that today the S&P futures (as well as eminis) closed at about 830, but bloomberg TV shows 846.10, and my IB balance is based on a market price of 840.5. Does any one know what is up with that?
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    840.5 is the pervious session close. Fire up TWS, and you'll see a close of 830.25, and a change of -10.25, add them together to get 840.5 - it's like magic. :cool:

    EDIT: I have no idea where Bloomberg is getting their info. Maybe a proctologist with a flashlight can show us someday :D.
  3. Yesterday's close? Why? Today did not have a closing price? :confused:
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    I need an emoticon for suppressing the urge to mess with somebody's head :D.

    Not totally sure why they don't use today's close yet, but suspect it has something to do with when and how they update their systems over the weekend.

    There's a guy who goes by the handle of "def" who would probably know this right off the top of his head. If he sees this, I'm sure he'll respond with the reason(s).
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    You need to mark a future to something and IB uses the close from the previous session and I'm not 100% certain but I believe it gets reset after the system reset (after clearing files are rec'd) each evening.

    In the end it doesnt' really matter.

    Assume a settlement price of 100. You buy a future for 800. The mark would be -700 (that is not the mark used for margin). Your next trade is a sale at 810. The mark would be +710. The net is still $10.
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    Bloomberg FREQUENTLY has bad data showing over the weekend. Quite often, it's the prior day's close or opening price. :D