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  1. nik1033


    The forecasts to be published are generated by system based on simple technics (MAs, RSI)...entry point -means open price of current day.

    For today: 1510 level to be touched today

    GL & GT
  2. nice
  3. Sounds good to me, let's see!

  4. nik1033


    Close price of the day is the subject to close position.

  5. Pekelo


    I expect a replay of Friday, mostly sideways. Range 1488-1502. I don't think we would rally 18 points before FOMC....
  6. Pekelo


    Of course I was right, although my expected range was a bit wider and 3 pts higher than the real 1485-1495.5.

    Nevertheless it was mostly sideways action, as it is always before an FOMC Tuesday....
  7. nik1033


    100 % agree with Pekelo....everybody will wait for FOMC meeting then will decide what to do.

    I expect 1505 to be touched today...

  8. well when you expected 1510 we got to 1496

    So can we assume that 1489 will be seen using the same difference off of the 1505 prediction ?
  9. nik1033


    this level is generated by the system ...do not try to find any relation to previous day...

  10. nik1033


    so what you can assume if predicted high reached?
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