S&P Expert sees more downside to come

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  1. Notice in the video how he uses the 13 and 43 week moving averages as a "sell signal".

    In Nov 2000, these two averages crossed and then began a huge downturn in the spy. Sometime in 2002-2003 the averages crossed again. Since that time, there have only been a few brief crosses during the upturn.

    The recent cross in January makes me wonder if we might have another 2 year downtrend. The indicator that he uses, if backtested, is reliable enough.
  2. Good analysis :thumbs up:
  3. These predictions are a dime a dozen. Market is going up.
  4. The person in question who does the video has a 59% success ratio and is one of the top gurus out there.

    Indeed, his predictions are a little more then a coin flip;)
  5. Stock trad3R...

    What do you see that makes you think we are headed up.?


  6. The indexes are driven by fundamentals and not by technicals, which is why relying on moving averages, double top/triple top, head and shoulders, and other mumbo jumbo to predict the direction of the markets doesn't work. A lot of people lose a lot of money trying to use technical signal.

    The fundamentals are pretty good and valuations aren't excessive, unlike in 2000. This is why it isn't going much lower.

    I highly recommend EWZ or EEM to capitalize on this uptrend as a single 'set it and forget' investment.

  7. twang2


    i never could understand: if you have opinions about market direction, put it to use and make money. Why tell the whole world about it?
  8. Stock trad3r,

    Would you agree it depends on what time frame you are concerned with?

    Does the S&Ps current P/E concern someone trading 60 min charts?
  9. for stock anyday monday thru friday that ends in "y" is a great time to buy...yeah the fundamentals are outstanding as long as your long commodties...anything else not so much.
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